Saturday the 17th of June 2006 / kl 19:30 / GRATIS entre
Soophie Nun Squad (us)
Tubers (us)

Uha, uha, det blir dejligt.! Så blev det tid til de forrykte amerikanere fra Little Rock i Arkansas. Et vildt ensemble med endnu vildere party-cirkus-punk. En god sund blanding af World inferno friendship society, Atom & his package og Beastie Boys! Ja, så bliver det vel ikke bedre. Der er garanti for spas og kallas. Vi snakker dans, kostumer, masser af energi, 8 mand og kvinde høj og man er simpelthen nødt til at komme ned og være med.

Tubers er en trio fra Florida bestående af ex-medlemmer fra Twelve Hour Turn og The South. De spiller umiddelbar punkrock, for folk med hang til tidlig DC hardcore eller The Wipers eller Rites of Spring. Måske lige tilsat en knivspids af lidt surf her og der.

Klik for en sniglytter!:
Soophie Nun Squad - To be a hero
Soophie Nun Squad - Hemispheres
Soophie Nun Squad - The last thing first
Tubers - The ultimate last Night
Tubers - Hunger Arist

Imens får du lidt info på engelsk...

"SNS began in arkansas in grade school with five members and has grown to eleven or thirteen. Anna and Dustin play guitar, Mark plays drums, Mike, Nate, Maralie, and Mikael sing, Eli plays bass, Tim plays the computer and is the "personal space invader", Michael Motley plays percussion and sometimes piano, and Alan plays the buckets and gets very sweaty. Other friends, musicians, and tourmates also contribute to the climate of the band and the structure of songs and shows. what do they sound like? or would a better question be what do they look like or what do they feel like. watching them play is an experience. a circus. skinny little nate in a spandex jump suit bouncing around and pouring 100% pure inspiration into the air. crowd participation, crazy dances that they make you do and music that ranges from metal to hip hop and a lot of poppy punk thrown in the mix as well. nate runs a label called harlan records and released their first 7" (later a CD-EP) and their first full length LP titled the devil, the metal, the big booty beats. plan-it-x released the CD version of their split with abe froman (harlan did the LP version) as well as the CD version of the full length titled, passison slays the dragon. these days soophie (the band, not the little dog they are named after) lives all over the country. nate (who lives in bloomington now) does comics and has a few published. he can tell you more about that. they are really good comics."