Fredag den 28 april 2017 / kl 21 00 / entre 50 kroner
David Rovics (USA)
Sigurvin Sigurdsson (lokal)

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Facebook event: Tryk her!

1000fryd is happy to welcome you all to a night of songs and storytelling from two great singer-songwriters.

David Rovics is a familiar face at 1000fryd, and has been a regular guest through the years. He started his musical career as a street musician in Boston in the early 90's, and has since then made a name of himself by touring the world, playing at pubs, cafÚs, universities, churches, union halls and protest rallies. His unique combination of anarchist protest songs and stories of both historical events and everyday life has spellbound audiences at 1000fryd and elsewhere countless times. Now he's ready to do so again!

öIf the great Phil Ochs were to rise from the grave today, he would probably be hailed as the new David Rovicsö - Andy Kershaw, BBC.

Sigurvin Sigurdsson

Under the pseudonym of Sigurvin Sigurdsson, Andri Sigurdsson has played around the country at festivals, small, smokey pubs and large concert halls, sometimes as a solo musician and sometimes with a full backing band. On this night, he will grace 1000fryds stage armed only with his trusted guitar, and deliver a set of captivating folk songs about life and love in the city of Aalborg. We are currently awaiting his first album, which is in the presses at Nords° Records.