Fredag den 19 maj 2017 / kl 21 00 / entre 50 kroner
Curlee Wurlee (GER/FR)
The Courettes (lokal)

Forsalgsbillet: Tryk her!
Facebook event: Tryk her!

60s Garage rock extravaganza 1000Fryd!


Curlee Wurlee has a unique style: fronted by its French female song-writer-organist and accompanied by three other well-known musicians, their songs are a schizophrenic mix of intricate compositions influenced by garage punk, French drama, beat, punkrock and neo-garage, potentially surf/exotica, and with its very personal signature on top making it sound as juvenile as a tennagers' bedroom filled with joy, anger, sadness, love, hate, acne, organ and guitars. They have a unique expression of language which differentiates them from other musical structures


Our very own sensational garage rock duo with Flavia Couri (Vox, Guitar) and Martin Couri (Drums, Vox) is back at Fryd and ready to rock your your socks off!

After the blasting debut album “Here are the Courettes” - critically acclaimed on the garage scene all around Europe - The Courettes are back with the SMASH HIT single “Boom! Dynamite!” + B-Side killer “T-C-H-A-U”! Straight from the legendary Toe Rag Studios in London, produced by Liam Watson. More fuzz! More screaming! Louder drums! More raw vocals! In good ol’ Analog’n’Couriffic MONO!!! Stay tuned with Courettes for more jungle wildness & loud as hell Scandinavian rock n’ roll!