Søndag den 21 maj 2017 / kl 13 00 / GRATIS entre
Painting the walls white!

Facebook event: Tryk her!

One of our rooms is heading for a more artbased future, and therefore we need a change in our lovely meeting room to make that happen - and you can be a part of it!

But what we need you to is first to look up in the addic - or down in the basement - maybe out in the garage - or even in your grandmaĺs secret cabinet!

Because every drop of white leftover paint is valueable in order to create a new artistic platform at 1000fryd!

Everyone is gonna bring all that leftover white paint everyone have hidden secret places, and together we are gonna head down to for a lovely wall-painting-day :)

The event is gonna be free, fun and and of course there will be free tea and coffee for every volunteer :)

Hope to see you!

A lot of artist hugs

The (newly started) Art Room 1000fryd Group