Lørdag den 24 juni 2017 / kl 18 00 / GRATIS entre
Bonanza: Vacay Partay
Last opening day

Facebook event: Tryk her!

As always 1000Fryd will have on last big old party before we shut down for the summer. For that purpose we have asked every member of our booking group to come and play some music they like. So you can expect, your expectations will be hurled to the ground - because everyone will play what they love the most!

There will be a multitude of genres, something for everyone - just like our bar (which is very cheap by the way). So come by for our annual celebration and help us welcome that long-awaited summer vacation.

Disclaimer: Anyone not wearing flower-themed outfits might be politely asked to do so. If you do not wish to participate in this theme that's also fine. It would just be cool if everyone wore flower-shirts and stuff.