Mandag den 14 august 2017 / kl 21 00 / entre 75 kroner
Cryptopsy (CAN)
Chronicle (lokal/Frederikshavn)
Crown the Beast (Odense)

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It is an absolute honour to welcome the Canadian veterans and pioneers of technical death metal, Cryptopsy.

Not only will the show mark the reopening of 1000Fryd after a long and quiet Summer break, Cryptopsy is also using this tour to mark the anniversary of their album "None So Vile", that was released 21 years again and remains one of the strongest technical death metal albums to date. Talk about a win/win situation.


Hailing from the northern part of Denmark, Chronicle is the bastard child of old-school thrash metal and Norwegian black metal, with a sprinkling of Finnish melody thrown in for good measure. Technical riffs and lightning fast drums are par for the course, when it comes to Chronicles music.


Crown the Beast may be a newcomer in the Danish metal scene, but you certainly can't tell by the music and the level of ambition. Having existed for under a year, it's going to be one hell of a first year.

The members consist of Jason Campbell (As We Fight, Destroyer Boy) on vocals, Søren Rønnebech Grønning on bass, Morten Fahnøe (Annominus) and Lars von Løvendal (Grimmthurs) on guitars and Sebastian Ålen (Panofobia) on drums.

Tickets: 75 kr