Lørdag den 16 september 2017 / kl 22 00 / entre 20 kroner
CLUB: Groovebox 28 w/ Bjørn Svin (live)
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1000Fryd presents Groovebox 28


When thinking of Danish electonic producers, who've left an indefinate mark on the proceedings the list is sparse. One of those that stands out as a true pioneer is Bjørn Svin. The Ringsted native, currently reciding in Berlin, first got his hands on an organ piano at the age of 10, which sparked him into becoming one of the country's utmost sought after producers and performers - creating a unique blend of ambient techno, electronica and experimental wave music. His 1995 evergreen album "Mer Strøm" gained him instant national attention, with the title track later being dubbed the "hymn of a generation".

In civic Bjørn teaches electronic music composition at a host of universities, while also working within urban sound experience and composition for theaters. To this date he has released more than 15 records, with the latest coming out of the acclaimed Sommerøya label, alongside Skatebård, Fredrik Bekkaasen and Christian Tilt.

Prepping you for Bjørn Svin's live show are Groovebox' own Željektor and Max Forb. Their specific niche signature sounds are a safe bet, when exploring the obscure and experimental!


Bjørn Svin

Max Forb



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