Lørdag den 14 oktober 2017 / kl 22 00 / entre 20 kroner
CLUB: Groovebox 29 w/ Triptil
Facebook event: Tryk her!

1000Fryd presents Groovebox 29


With an ever-growing Romanian capacity in Aalborg we deemed it only fitting to bring you one of the prodigal sons of the outbursting Romanian Minimal scene. With quality releases on labels such as AKU, Druzhba, Sleep is Commercial, Hoxton and Otaku, Triptil has established himself as one of the most consistent producers within his genre. His delicate attention to percussion and groove makes him a highly regarded applicant for the Collective.

Recently Triptil also launched his own label called Feno Volana, where his Esimene EP has gained solid traction among his peers. We'd be surprised if we don't hear a lot more about this exciting project of his.

And when thinking of Romanian Minimal who better than RZVN to lead the inargual dance? A respected member of the local scene, RZVN always manages to bring diversity and originality into his sets.





20 kr. / €3