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Bola Suriana (MEX)
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Bola Suriana began in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico in December of 1989. The name of the group is taken in honor of General Emiliano Zapata, who fought beside the poor for land and liberty during the Mexican Revolution of 1910, his army was called the Bola Suriana.

Since its founding, Bola Suriana has worked hard to present and diffuse traditional and popular music from Mexico and other Latin American countries, especially indigenous and mestiza music from Michoacán, as well as Canto Nuevo (protest music) which has surfaced as its own type of music.

Bola Suriana composes many of its own pieces within these and other genres, presenting them in many concerts annually in Michoacán, throughout the rest of Mexico, and abroad.

Twenty-two international tours, participating in festivals and offering concerts in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Canada, Bolivia, Cuba and in the United States, as well as many presentations on radio and television within and outside of Mexico, demonstrate the constant work that Bola Suriana has done and continues to do. These activities are achieved in an independent forum, as well as with the coordination and support of the following services: the University of Michoacán of St. Nicholas of Hidalgo, the Secretary of Public Education of the State, and the Cultural Institute of Michoacán.

entrance 50kr

22/9Via Mala release party
Via Mala (lokal)
+ support

23/9This Bone Machine release party
This Bone Machine (lokal)
Virtus (lokal)

24/9Grand Meeting of the Association 1000Fryd
26/9Folkekøkken/Soup kitchen
28/9Bola Suriana (MEX)
29/9Opening of Art Room 1000fryd
29/9We Stood Like Kings (BE)
Dans og lær (KBH)
Non Nomen (lokal)
Au2pilot (lokal)

30/9Benefit show #2
Rehearsal room show
Columbian Neckties (lokal)
Dust Bugs (lokal)
Barely Adults (lokal)
Amdis flugtplan (lokal)
P601 (lokal)

1/10Flea Market at 1000fryd!
3/10Tirsdags-tonser med tosset veganerfræs #1
Hibagon (ITA)
Batolit (lokal)

3/10Folkekøkken/Soup kitchen
4/10Documentary Evening:
Trying it at home (a documentary on DIY)

5/10Aalborg Surreal #4
Day 1

6/10Aalborg Surreal #4
Day 2

6/10Lotus Krokus release party
Lotus Krokos (lokal)

7/10Rolled Up Sleeves (Aarhus)
Smiling Chairs (Aarhus)
Myxil (lokal)

8/10Sunday Movie Matinee:
La Strada

10/10Folkekøkken/Soup kitchen
11/10Documentary Evening:
Mad Tiger

13/10Has A Shadow (MEX)
Rýk (lokal)

14/10CLUB: Groovebox 29 w/ Triptil
15/10Sunday Movie Matinee:
The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

17/10Folkekøkken/Soup kitchen
18/10Documentary Evening:
The Uprising of Dignity

20/10Virgin Suicide (KBH)
Lunar (lokal)

22/10Sunday Movie Matinee:
The Battle of Love's Return

24/10Folkekøkken/Soup kitchen
26/10Gehennah (SWE)
Violentor (ITA)
Baphomet's Blood (ITA)

27/10Pale Honey (SWE)
+ Special guest: Pink Milk (SWE)

28/10Daily Thompson (GER)
Monkey Okay (lokal)

5/11Blood Incantation (USA)
Spectral Voice (USA)
Anatomia (JAP)

11/11CLUB: Groovebox 30 w/ Kuusk & L Varas (live)
18/11The Telescopes (UK) 'As Light Return
Heathe (lokal)

24/11Groovebox pres. 808 Records
25/11Groovebox pres. 808 Records
8/12New Candys (ITA)
+ support

13/12Enisum (ITA)
Nibiru (ITA)
Sunken (Aarhus)

16/12CLUB: Groovebox 31 w/ Dacho (live)
24/12SAVE 1000FRYD