Wednesday den 13 December 2017 / kl 20 00 / entre 50 kroner
Enisum (ITA)
Nibiru (ITA)
Sunken (Aarhus)

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Arpitanian black metal

Enisum born as one man band founded by Lys in 2006. It’s the first Arpitanian black metal band from Valle di Susa e Val di Lanzo lands. Project name comes from Musinè mountain in Val di Susa. After some self released and demo productions in 2014 was released the first full lenght Samoht Nara under Dusktone Label and in 2015 Arpitanian Lands (Dusktone).

Enisum songs talks about landscapes, cohabitation between man, nature and desolation. With Samoht Nara album, Enisum start live activity in Italy and Europe. Enisum line up is now Lys (voice, guitar), Leynir (bass), Dead Soul (drum) Epheliin (female voice). Their last album; Seasons of Desolation was released by Avantgarde Music in April 2017



NIBIRU is your planet still to be discovered. It’s the Maker of your new mantras. It’s the celebrant of the most vibrational Ritual, the place where Chaos takes shape.The Italian trio created its own Art focusing all the energies on the songs’ structure, instead of following the improvisation as they did in the previous albums.

NIBIRU have explored territories never visited before, also in terms of melodic research and songwriting. They aimed at standing out from the nowadays psychedelic acts. “In our opinion, psychedelic research is seeing the world as it is, speaking without preconception, being a storm’s breath”, states Ardath, band’s singer and guitaris


We are more than delighted to announce, that Sunken wishes to join this evenings roster!

After newly releasing their album "Departure", Sunken is back on touring with their new material. A sound that fills your ears with ambient noises, before being blasted by hard hitting drums, drone-friendly guitars and screams from afar.

Do not miss this chance to hear one of the most promising bands in the black metal scene, since that one time Stig Møller left Steppeulvene.