Onsdag den 18 oktober 2017 / kl 20 00 / GRATIS entre
Wearable Technology Project Round Table

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The 3rd Semester students from Art & Technology at AAU are working on their semester theme "Wearable Technology", where each group is set to design an artistic wearable device, while students from Entrepreneurial Engineering at AAU are asked to come up with a wearable device concept and sketch the idea - filling out these layers of value that a product has.

This evening students from both educations will meet up in the Art Room 1000fryd and discuss each others concepts and approaches towards the same field and thereby, hopefully, gain new knowledge or get new ideas they can use in their projects!

Paco Muro Croket from Entrepreneurial Engineering will present his wearable device concept from the class, Design Based Innovation: "This wearable device displays images to trick the human eye into believing an impossible physical phenomenon: a portal to a parallel dimension. Motion sensors will drive the change in the display by shifting the represented 3D mapped data accordingly. Regardless of the orientation of the device, it will seem to the human eye as the image stands still, like a window frame."

No projects or concepts are set, and we are here to find inspiration in eachothers projects!

Come by as a student from ArT or Entrepreneurial Engineering - or if you're just curious to know more about this field.