Saturday den 10 February 2018 / kl 20 00 / entre 70 kroner
1000Fryd's 34th birthday - day 2:
Punk Bash
Doom (UK)
Tvivler (CPH)
Fright Eye (Aarhus)
Clean Boys (Aarhus)
+ special movie screening

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Your favourite bar, venue and activityhouse turns 34 this year, and as always, this calls for a massive weekend celebration! On saturday you can experience:


Doom are an English hardcore punk band from Birmingham. The band is considered pivotal in the rise of crust punk, a punk rock style that fuses extreme metal with anarcho-punk. They recorded for Peaceville Records and are cited as an early precursor to grindcore. Doom were also a favorite of BBC Radio DJ John Peel.

A huge scoop and a must see at 1000Fryd!!


Hailing from Århus, Fright Eye has become one of Denmark's most well known punk bands. They play an energetic and catchy mixture of 70's punk and old school garage rock. They have toured around Europe several times, and are now back in Aalborg again, for a one time explosion. They've played on a soldout 1000FRYD before, thus this time, they're back with a bucket of new tunes, straight to your face!


Clean Boys is a Danish punk-rock trio with a huge live-energy and the intention: "Punk's not just for punks - punk for everyone"!

Formed in Aarhus, Denmark, by the end of year 2000, with one purpose – exploit rock'n'roll to those who enjoy it loud and fast. In the spring of 2009 Clean Boys did the longest tour for a Danish band in China!


Tvivler er dannet i det herrens år 2014. Bandet består af efterladenskaber og medlemmer fra Obstacles, Town Portal, Children of Fall, Lack og andre mere eller mindre tvivlsomme bands. Der hersker generel mangel på tiltro og fremtidsoptimisme.


Other than a bunch of amazing bands, we have a special movie screening in our cinema: movie to be announced!


Entrance prices:

Friday: 50 kr,

Saturday: 70 kr,

Both days: 100 kr.