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Butoh Workshop:
Warm Up for Life - Day 3

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This workshop is a Jinen Butoh inspired workshop. Jinen in Japanese is the energy that connects us all: it connects the present to the past and the future, it connects us with the others, with the animals and the plants, the wind, the stars, the heavens and objects.

We will investigate this connection through the theme of Spring: its energy and colours, the meanings, the expectation and the memories, the symbolism and the perception of it.

The workshop has the purpose to improve the knowledge of your own dancing body, explore your creativity, enter in touch with your emotions and express them raw in a short solo/story or group performance that expresses you relation to the Spring. The performance is here not necessarily a show, but a ritual for the workshop participants.


We will go through a warm up, stretching, technique exercises, improvisation and performance creation as I have learnt it from Butoh Masters.

We will experiment with body paint and/or costumes too. You are therefore encouraged to bring costumes, fabrics, body paints and objects that you want to experiment with, within the theme of the workshop. Complete or partial nudity in Butoh style are not requested but you should be fine with others around you choosing it.

Prerequisite: The only thing you need is the willingness to use your body to express your raw and true inner soul. Bring comfy clothes and underwear + costumes, fabrics, objects and body paint (and plenty of baby wipes to clean up afterwards).

About me (Lucia Margheritini aka Lilith Ultima Margaret):

I am an amateur dancer, photographer, educator and engineer who loves moving around with my body. I have been a Japanophile for many years and this lead me to dancing Butoh. I have been a student of Tadashi Endo, Atsushi Takenouchi and Yumiko Yoshioka.

2 hours - Day 16/03:

warm up

group exercise

body technique

elements for the creation of the impro stories

End day 1

3 hours - Day 17/03:

warm up

group exercises

body and face technique

costumes and face paint experimentation

rehearsal of the impro stories

End day 2

3 hours – Day 18/03

preparation (full body paint and/or costumes for the performance)

solo and/or group performances

End day 3