Tuesday den 27 February 2018 / kl 20 00 / GRATIS entre
Art Happening:
The Aalborg Surreal Flash

Facebook event: Tryk her!

Aalborg Surreal is black in a white flash of the Aalborg dragon spirit, keeping painters in cold apartments, secretes a dripping hunger for exoticism on the walls of Café Victoria, owns a dead poets hat, drinks from the fjord with naked virgins, sleeps where industry bites the breast of her vitality, tags with pastry on murals by hired cans, and grows on a skin of posters lying smug under the bridges at Vesterbro.

On this mundane night we will wake this beautiful dragon from its sleep to worship of its art.

This exhibition is co-creative, meaning you just show up with any sort of artwork, and fit in.

Questions can be asked here on the event or by email to: info@aalborgsurreal.dk.

The exhibition is going to be held at 1000fryd in the Art Room on 2nd Floor.