Tuesday den 20 March 2018 / kl 20 00 / GRATIS entre
Tim Loud (UK)
Dusty Awe (local)


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Since the release of his eponymous debut EP in 2012 Tim Loud has been touring and recording relentlessly, building up a reputation in the UK, mainland Europe and beyond for his skilled songwriting, heartfelt lyrics and raucous live performances.

He fuses a range of styles from punk to country via balkan folk and more contemporary tones, all under the banner of “Antifolk”.

With his instantly recognisable 12-string guitar sound and impressive vocal abilities, he performs deeply personal songs, the contents of which range from sombre and heartbreaking to irreverent and hilarious.


"Dusty Awe is back on tour this year!!! The band led by singer/songwriter Michael Sulbæk will again be touring this year. Joined by Christopher Aaby (from Paradox Backlash and Gigavolt) on a majestic six-string bass - the duo will be hitting venues with their tender and emotional, yet raunchy, folk-punk.

Distorted intruments are lined up for a bashing when Dusty Awe takes the stage and Michaels lyrical bombardment of witty poetry of human emotion fills the room... Anxiety, Security and Love are not just words to be sung, but feelings to be shared.

Terrifying lyrics and emotions are indeed the center of which a Dusty Awe show revolves, yet with the promise of free hugs after each show - the experience is often that of a comforting warm imbrace much needed in a cold and lonely night."