Thursday the 29th of March 2018 / kl 21:00 / entre 50 DKK
Kovaa Rasvaa (FIN)
Kohti Tuhoa (FIN)

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The fast and furious hardcore thrash group Kovaa Rasvaa was formed in Turku, Finland, in the autumn 2009. Since then Kovaa Rasvaa has toured both locally around Finland and abroad in Scandinavia, UK, Poland, Germany, Balkan area, Russia, USA and Brasil and released EPs, tapes and an LP. Kovaa Rasvaa is a dose of healthy aggression that focuses energy, sharpens thinking, transforms pain into purpose, heightens drive and discipline, fires passion and strengthens courage.

Kovaa Rasvaa is Kerttu – Vocals, Anne – Bass, Johanna – Guitar and Otto – Drums


Screaming out of Helsinki with the velocity and force of a perfectly teed-up Patrik Laine slapshot, comes the latest, and probably best, addition to the pantheon of Finnish hardcore punk: Kohti Tuhoa. Cut from the cloth of Discharge, Framtid, and Nausea, as well as influential homegrown miscreants like Tampere SS, Appendix, Mellakka, and Kaaos (from whom Kohti Tuhoa lifted their band name), the quartet delivers an acerbic old-school punch with enough of an angular edge to keep things sounding violently fresh.

Ville Valavuo (guitar), Aleksi Nurminen (bass), Markus Hietamies (drums), Helena Hiltunen (vocals)