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Analrevolt (SWE)
Sons of Alebu (local)

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The whole thing with Analrevolt began with Maggie playing and recording a couple of songs at home in the living room, This is my fight, and GG Allin's song Bite it you scum. But to get a little more life at all he asked his brother, Kodda, if he could not add some bass to the songs, and he gladly did. After a week or two, Kodda came up with a text called Dränga Arne and wondered if they could not write music to this and after an hour they had recorded it a little fast in the living room. Kodda let their cousin, Ollat, listen to what they had done and He who plays drums was craving to scratch a little together. And because this band that was going to be fun together is related to each other, there was a talk about inbreeding and gay, ass and because the Vrvarna was something they all listened to, where the band name was given, Analrevolt.

After a couple of runs in a run-round, there was a find called Janne Banan, who liked what we did, even he played bass and that was how it was. So Kodda had to pick up his "gaytarr" and lira solon and comp. They began to look at Vrävarna's songs and decided to run some covers on them. It all sounded better and better and after about 4 months it was time for the first gig, 8th of May 2010, which took place in Varberg at an MC club. There were a lot of people who were soaking up drinking beer and listening to sex points, and Analrevolt got a good response and soon it was time for a gig to go to Gothenburg. They got with Ruben (the singer in the Vrävarna) as guest singer to Egalia, 15th of May 2010, Gothenburg.

Right at Egalia there was a lot of things that did not match drums, mice began to drip off as other bands played. As soon as they played, they began to doubt and wanted to go home and take a juicy moon for the whole shit. But Ruben, who used to be, said: Now we go and do what we came here for, we'll play the shit out of everything here. And so it became. Everyone who was in and listened quickly disappeared and only a few goings stood and headbanged and staged in the asphalt without pants.Analrevolt left the place with a juicy moon and was cursed as a fan and decided they would never go there again.

In June it was time for a small inspiration / shopping trip that went to DeutchlanT. Something that probably will never be forgotten.

The music company, Thomann, learned that Analrevolt existed. Different porn stores were visited with great expectation, probably the best with the whole trip. There were no limits on the pervosity.

16th and 17th of October 2010, they went into the studio to make a demo, which exceeded expectations. 4 songs were recorded and as it started to finish, new ideas came up like little banjo games and heavy choirs to be placed on which they managed to fix. After an hour they decided this would be included, the banjokill and some were going to drive .

In the spring of 2011, Janne Banan stopped from Analrevolt. So we stood for a while, but then we found out we have a cousin called Röwbin who learned a lot for a while and had been relocated to this city, so we ask him. and now the circle is closed so to speak!

20: November 2011 we recorded a new demo called "Anal Revolt Pictures" which has been very popular with 5 songs, of which 2 covers can fit and say that Janne Banan and Sado from Vrävarna are along with us.

Around February 2012, we recorded a new version of Tjuren & Jag fast aukustisk, which we still still await mixing ..

2015, At the end of January 2015 we started on a new plate and on the 21st of March we put the last touch on it and now it's just a blend !!

Tjuren Och Jag from Analrevolt on Myspace.


With Søren on vocals, Peter on guitar, Jakob on drums and Michael on bass, Sons of Alebu has formed a sound that is best described as vivid, intense, heavy and straightforward. Sons of Alebu is heavily influenced by band such as Mötorhead, Black Sabbath, Judas Preist, Metallica, Dio and classic Heavy Metal. Lyrics are inspired by local war/Viking myth and historical events spiced with personal references. In 2016 Sons of Alebu released their debut EP “Hellfire” (available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and EP).We are currently working on songs for an upcoming LP, it will be released in 2017. But Sons of Alebu is basically a live band and we deliver a show with intensity, heart, sweet and metal!