Sunday the 23rd of September 2018 / kl 20:00 / entre 30 DKK
Trash Knife (USA)
Kräftbarn (Aarhus)

Facebook event: Tryk her!


American punk band, Trash Knife, will be visiting Aalborg for the first time in years. Their latest release "TK" from 2017, marked another step in the garage oriented punk path.

The texts are raw, at times feminine and last but not the least: always straight to the point. Accompanied by classic punk riffs, it is a recipe that never fails to satisfy the listener.


Support: Kräftbarn Kräftbarn plays fast and brutal punk that will smash your face and leave the initials "6000 Kolding" in your forehead. No matter the scrubbing, it will never go away. Party bangers from their latest release "Leben ist Krieg" such as "Vi Ved Hvor Du Bor" og "Jeg Tænker Så Jeg Hader" are guarenteed to impress. Blast it at your grandmother's birthday, and you are bound to be a hit. Or banned from the family Spotify computer for all eternity. It's a win/win either way.