Saturday the 10th of November 2018 / kl 21:00 / entre 40 DKK
RC Sullivan (NL)
Rebel Radio (NL)

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R.C. Sullivan is a melodic hardcore band from Groningen (the Netherlands). The band's name is a reference to the US Park Ranger called Roy Cleveland Sullivan. He survived getting struck by lightning seven times. Despite his seeming immortality, an unrequited love got the better of him; he committed suicide at age 71.

This contrast between humanity’s durability against unstoppable forces one hand, and its frailty on the other, inspires the band. Unbiased, rather in search of dialogue, they try to illuminate different aspects of life. This is accompanied by melodic riffs, vehement vocals and pounding rhythms. The band originated in 2012 and consists of Jared (vocals), Lennart (guitar), Edo (guitar), Joris (drums) en Jan Jaap (bass).


Raw, Uncut, Real, Wild, Catchy sweet garagerock-melodies from The Netherlands.

What other people do with music, in what time we live, what is now hip and happening, what clothes you have to.... it can't give us any discretely. We do what THE FUCK we want! And that's exactly what you hear. 1 Pruner tight drummer, 1 throbbing loud bassist, 1 nasty toxic power chords playing guitarist and 2 voices that touch your soul with beautiful melodies. Music written on a beautiful day or a rotdag, you will recognize yourself in it. 1 thing is for sure, no concessions, these dudes rock HARD, rule the stage and demolish him. Blood, sweat and tears... This IS real!