Saturday the 1st of December 2018 / kl 22:00 / GRATIS entre

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We’re proud to present the phenom Ctrls for the next installment of Bait.

Troels Knudsen has been immersed electronic music most of his life, mastering an impressive range of its genres under different monikers.

In 2012 the Ctrls project was initiated with the release of the ‘Interface’ EP on Token Records. A remix of Ø/[Phase]'s ‘Binary Opposition’ was the follow-up, and by then Ctrls tracks had worked their way into the sets of some of the most notable techno DJs across the world.

Ctrls continues to develop his fast paced and futuristic style, seeking out the various nuances of techno and remains the uncrowned king of the genre in the country.

Setting up Ctrls is Aalborg techno veteran Andisan.