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When putting three fine exponents of modern, forward-thinking and experimental music in the same room, the hope is that something a little special is going to be the result. Yodok III are exactly that, all three recognisable by their contribution and yet forced to go beyond that by the other two. Yodok III is primarily a study in avantgarde, but elements of genres as diverse as jazz, (post)rock and even classical can be heard playing their part in this mind-bending tapestry.

YODOKIII' debut LP (vinyl-only) was released to worldwide critical acclaim on Tonefloat's A New Wave Of Jazz imprint. YODOKIII's follow-up and epic double vinyl 'THE SKY FLASHES, THE GREAT SEA YEARNS' was released on January 16th 2015. This release is a tour-de-force, over the course of just 3 days in the Sunny Side Inc. studio in Brussels (Belgium) YODOKIII performed and recorded a set of 4 improvised pieces of sheer beauty, power and harmony, bridging genres like post-rock, avantgarde, freejazz and shoegaze into one harmonious glow of pure bliss. Now Belgium’s Consouing Sounds released their majestic performance at Dokkhuset in Trondheim last year on compact disc. YODOK III is a live band, proof are they amazing passages at ROADBURN and DUNK! Festival 2016.


Born 1987 in Sweden, currently based in Trondheim (Norway). Tomas has been playing drums his entire life and started to study jazz and improvisation at an early age. He arrived in Trondheim in 2008 and has since obtained both a bachelor and master degree from the renowned Jazz department at the NTNU(Norwegian University of Science and Technology).

Tomas is teaching drums and rhythmic ear training at NTNU since 2011. With one foot in rock/ metal and the other in jazz/improv, combined with wild creativity, extreme energy and presence, Tomas drumming is something unique. He’s involved with bands and projects that are operating within genres like jazz, free jazz, improv, pop, rock, metal, grindcore, sludge, doom, drone, noise, ambient, punk, hardcore… Not rarely more or less combined. He’s a member of Sunswitch, The Void Of Expansion, The MaXx, Werl, ZU and MOTORPSYCHO.


Kristoffer has redefined the use of tuba and it’s role in band. From it’s traditional role as the lowend in symphony orchestras and Dixieland bands, Kristoffer has taken the instrument to a new direction, filling the position as the ultra low end in metal-and noise bands. With a bunch of electronics and huge amps, Kristoffer’s tuba sounds like a low-end monster and a high pitched squeal at the same time. With education from the famous Jazz department at NTNU in Trondheim, and as a member of bands like Pelbo, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, microtub, Sunswitch and Highasakite, he has built up a solid reputation in both Norway and Europe.


Since his first releases in the early 80s, uncompromising Belgian artist Dirk Serries has garnered respect from and invitations to collaborate with recognised musicians like Steven Wilson, SteveVon Till, Justin Broadrick, Cult Of Luna, Teun Verbruggen. He has been commisioned to writeworks for Dutch national television broadcaster VPRO, the Antwerp Zoo as well as architecturalfestival Biënnale Rotterdam and worked on stage with the Holland Symfonia orchestra. Hisdiscography encompasses stylistically diverse releases on labels like Relapse, Projekt,Conspiracy as well as his current creative partner Tonefloat, an outfit with years of experience in vinyl editions for acts like Porcupine Tree, Robert Fripp, Theo Travis and Anja Garbarek. Over the past thirty years, he has toured extensively through Europe and the USA and performed atsome of experimental music's major venues and concert spaces, as headliner or in support ofLow, Mono, My Bloody Valentine, Jesu and others. He currently runs the Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz label dedicated to limited DIY releases on vinyl and tape.

Discography :

Yodok III (LP, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2014)

The Sky Flashes, The Great Sea Yearns (2xLP, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2015)

Live At Dokkhuset – Trondheim (Norway) 28/10/13 (cassette, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2015)

Live At De Singer – Rijkevorsel (Belgium) 13/06/14 (cassette, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2015)

Legion Of Radiance - Live At Dokkhuset (CD, Consouling Sounds 2016)

Yodok III/The Sky Flashes, The Great Sea Yearns (3CD, Tonefloat 2016)

The Mountain Of Void – Live At Roadburn 2016 (LP & CD, Tonefloat 2016)