Tuesday the 12th of February 2019 / kl 17:00 / GRATIS entre
Art Room:
Between light and light

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Mellem lys og lys (Between light and light) is a photographic piece that seeks to work against the temporality normally attributed to photography. In photography, a split second is caught and made to last an eternity. Mellem lys og lys is a way to make the temporal relation between the photographed and the photograph much more equal.

Mellem lys og lys consists of analogue b/w photographs developed in a way that makes them light sensitive. In this way they will gradually disappear when exhibited. The pictures will become miscolored and dark within half an hour - which is why they are mounted behind dark curtains to slow down this process. The audience will have to move the curtains to the side to see the pictures but thereby also exposing them to light and so taking part in the degeneration of the pictures. When experiencing the piece, one is destroying it – the decay is real and right before one’s eyes.

Mellem lys og lys is a story about getting destroyed by the exact same light that created you.

LIV MOESLUND AHLGREN (f. 1994, Århus) arbejder primært med analogt fotografi i sort-hvid; derudover også video, glas, byggeskum, keramik og beton. Hun er medstifter af og kurator for Photographic Plate Project.


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