Saturday the 21st of September 2019 / kl 20:00 / entre 40 DKK
My Beloved (DK)
Kings Cult (DK)

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The Copenhagen based, MY BELOVED, has since 1996 expressed their magnificent capturing instrumental music noir that in basis consist of guitar, synths, piano, drums and bass. The music is a mood creating and emotional maelstrom that with storming crescendoes and beautiful passages creates a lively and organic feeling of existence and will.

With 23 years of experience My Beloved is a band with an extremely intense live performance and a band that know what they are doing. The band has been touring both China and Europe and are considered by many, a high quality orchestra with a unique sound and history.

With 5 official album releases, and the 6th in progress, MY BELOVED are still very active and are constantly fine-tuning their sound. The 5th album, Echoes Over Voices, are adding even more sinister but beautiful nuances to the bands grandiose album list.


Within Kings Cult you'll hear tales about the deep and troubled layers of society and about the most weird personas wandering around on the face of the earth. With an alternative rock sound the two man band, Kings Cult burst forward in melodic vocals, repetitive split fuzz guitar and bass and intense drumming.


JE is an Copenhagen based music collective, playing symphonic and polyphonic Dark, Dark, Dark-Ambient-Post-Noise-Drone music.
Through the music, demons are released into the dark paths of the mind, dronically crocheted into the darkness present, potential downturns.

For more then 20 years have the front figure in JE, Martin Loui made 10 records in everything from Avantgarde Jazz to Black Metal, over Post-rock and noise.