Tuesday the 24th of September 2019 / kl 16:30 / GRATIS entre
Art Room:
Mechanical Jungle by Yu Cai

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The collapsed city, the fragmented mountains and rivers, the pollution, the variation of species , the blow of industrial civilization, the waste brought by the freezing experiments, the persecution of chemical residues. Due to all the suffering of the nature, people flee the land with their most precious memories, take the ark with hope of rebuilding their spiritual homeland, without knowing where are they heading for.

YU CAI (b. 1993 in China) received a bachelor in Painting from the China Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. Today, she is currently living and working in Venice, Italy, where she in 2018 graduated in Grafic Art from the Academy of Fine Arts. She has received the honor of "Excellent graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts of China" in 2015, and won the Copper Prize of the "Exhibition of the works of graduate students of the Academy of Fine Arts of China" at gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts of China the same year.

Part of Art Room 1000fryds Fall Program 2019