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Refugees of Rap and special guests
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Staccato Lyrics may be no match for Bashar Assad's military firepower, but two brothers, who fled to Paris from Syria perform as "Refugees of Rap" finding sniping with words a liberating experiance.

The brothers Yaser and Mohammed Jamous created Refugees of Rap back in 2007 together with two friends, an Algerian and a Syrian, and were one of the first such groups to emerge out of Syria. It now comprises just the two of them as the Syrian member refused to leave and the Algerian went to Germany.

Having grown up officially stateless in a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria, Yaser and Mohammed Jamous rap in Arabic about the war they have fled and their new life in France.

Released in 2010, their first album recounts living in the overcrowded camp, as they advocate for the Palestinian cause. Then, after 2011, the Arab Spring provided inspiration,

In 2012 in collaboration with the UN the brothers created a workshop for youths between the ages of 9 and 18 with 80 participants, as a way for the kids to get their minds off of the stress of violence and oppression but onto more life affirming thoughts. The message being that rap can be a fitting "weapon" with which to demand peace and free speech. But it had its price.

The brothers got reprimands and threats from the regime. Their younger brother got in-prisoned and tortured and their studies in Damascus were sabotaged with threats graffitied on the walls of their university. In 2013 as the fighting for control of the camp where they lived intensified the brothers, as well as thousands of others, had to flee Syria.

The brothers were born and raised in the Yarmuk camp for Palestinian refugees on the outskirts of Damascus, which was once home for 160.000 people - including Syrians - but has since been ravaged by fighting.

In spite og the horrors that the brothers have lived through, their lyrics are deep, constructive and filled with hopeful messages about peace, history and humor.

Refugees of Rap have become political voices of the people and have reached star status in the Middeleast, except for Syria where their voices have been silenced in fear of reprimands against their family. In 2017 they performed at Roskilde Festival. The group has also achieved internation acclaim through media coverage in Rolling Stone, Le Monde, BBC World, The Guardian. Refugees of Rap have been a fixed part of "Syrisk Kultur Karavane" where they have performed and also given workshops on "hiphop and resistance"

This November Refugees of Rap will once more come to Denmark as a part of Syrisk Kultur Karavane where they at 1000 Fryd will performing together with some amazing local artist from the independent record label Affiliated.

The young talent, Tarick is well on his way to establishing himself as a solid artist on the Danish Hip Hop scene. You are instantly caught by the sentiment of Tarick's sound-scape, creating a sense of awe in the audience. Tarick flows between heavy, bouncy Hip Hop bangers and more laid back electronic tunes, always in perfect harmony with the leading vocal.

Tarick grew up in centre of Copenhagen, but is originally from Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, where his mother comes from.Tarick is a thinker. His reflective lyrics are delivered in a soft fusion of rap and song and although categorized as a Hip Hop artist, his style can’t be defined based on one genre, as he is highly inspired by Jazz, Soul and RnB. With roots in Tanzania, Tarick keeps his culture and descent relevant in his music by experimenting with rhythms and melodies from, among others, Dancehall and Reggaeton.


Fundi Wake
Siamito was born and raised in Tanzania and spent part of his life living with his father in Austria. At the age of 20, he moved to Denmark to study computer-science, where he quickly reconnected with his friend, Tarick from Tanzania, who introduced him to the Hip Hop collective, which later became Affiliated.
Fundi Wake’s authenticity strikes as the first word leaves his lips. With a penetrating voice and vivid punch-lines, Fundi Wake delivers original and unpredictable flows with perfect precision. With his real name Siamito and roots in Tanzania, it's hard not to be convinced by Fundi Wake’s credibility and fluent articulation in his native tongue, English. Despite his young career as a rapper, Fundi Wake has rapidly evolved and is ready to show his talent to the world.


Q.Marzi is a street kid. His crisp voice invites you on a euphoric journey with a combination of Urban and Reggae elements. It is clear that Q.Marzi is passionate about music when the Copenhagen rapper creates an atmosphere that encourages the audience to sing along to songs they have never heard before. There is a guaranteed party when Q.Marzi is invited and he doesn’t leave until everyone is satisfied. Q.Marzi balances between two worlds - besides his career as solo artist, he acts as one of the front men in the Reggae band, Fars Rum under the alias HejMahn. Q.Marzi is a true entertainer and performer who, with a good sense of humour, an urban attitude and an explosive energy, always gives the audience an experience that is hard to top.