Wednesday the 16th of October 2019 / kl 16:30 / GRATIS entre
Art Room:
Anna Bochkova: Zeus, give me my EU Pass

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"Zeus, give me my EU Pass" is a performance of real experiences intermixed with Greek mythology, as a symbol of European civilisation, represent in a playful and theatralic manner absurd and nonsense of bureaucratic machine. An interactive performance within pop-up installation , where everyone is invited to participate.

Artist statement:
"After my experience in stage design and directing, I’m used to work spatial, accepting and challenging the space I exist in. I can call performance, sculpture, painting and drawing the most common mediums I work with which help me to express myself fully, I’m interested not only in visual aspects of art but also I work with theory and history, which supports my contextual way of thinking and help me to build a dialogue with European art aesthetics.
I’m interested in concept of architectural artefacts and empty stages, objects are usually characters of my own archive and theatre, so my art projects tend to express and translate my autobiographical stories in hidden and a bit mythological way. In choosing materials concept of arte povera I consider to be quite important, so you can often see canvas, cotton, clay, cardboard, wood , Styrofoam and metal."

ANNA BOCHKOVA (b. 1995 in Rostov on Don, Russia) has been studying Stage Design at the MXAT Theatre Academy in Moscow, Russia, and has since the end of 2016 been studying in Vienna, where she took the class of Textual Sculpture by Heimo Zobernig at the Academy of Fine Arts. She has been participating in a row of exhibitions around Europe, and connected to this exhibition in Art Room 1000fryd received a funding grant from the by the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna and also the STEP Grant!