Tuesday the 26th of November 2019 / kl 16:30 / GRATIS entre
Art Room:
Siyana Raykovska: In My Skin

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In My Skin is a project that uses art-based research to investigate the effects that unrealistic standards of beauty have on women today. The exhibition shares the stories of women with diverse backgrounds and questions how a person's identity is informed by cultural and societal expectations towards their appearance and behaviour. Through a fabric and sound installation, the project unveils the complex ways we experience this issue and provides an intimate insight into the topic of body image and self-acceptance.

SIYANA RAYKOVSKA (b. 1993 in Bulgaria) is a textile, installation and performance artist based in Denmark. She received a bachelor degree in Art and Techology - Aalborg University in 2019 and has been part of curating and organising Aalborg Surreal for the last three years. Her work is often conceptual and expressed through mixed-media, multi-sensorial installations that engage the audience in interaction and challenge their perception.