Friday the 4th of September 2020 / kl 21:00 / entre 50 DKK
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The Copenhagen based psych band, Tuhaf, was supposed to play in Aalborg on the 28th of March. However, the landscape for live concerts drastically changed over the course of just weeks, and soon after it became clear, this was not going to happen.
It is with great joy, to finally welcome Tuhaf to Aalborg.

Tuhaf has an exciting blend of Turkish folksongs and modern messages, accompanied by psychedelic guitars and sufi trance. It's a blend that inspires the listener to let go and fully transcend just for a magical hour or two. The closest thing you are going to get to a meditiative trance in area code 9000.

Become entranced in the music, and yell in tongues, as the bartender desperately tries to cool you off in lukewarm tap-water while having to serve 15 equally entraced people at the bar.

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