Saturday the 19th of September 2020 / kl 14:00 / GRATIS entre
Opening hours
19.09.20 - 2pm-8pm
20.09.20 - 2pm-6pm
Havnegade 15, 9400 Nørresundby

The labyrinth is complicated.The labyrinth is hidden. The labyrinth is fragmented.
Labyrinth is a group exhibition with Rikke Ehlers Nilsson, Kamilla Mez, Sandro Masai, Siyana Raykovska, Jens Bugay-Hougaard and Nomadic Platform for Eco-Economic Futures curated by the curatorial collective Popmaché.
From time to time the art world seems fragmented and blurry to the outside world. Labyrinth opens the gates and grants access to the contemporary art scene of Northern Jutland through artistic exchange and interaction of various expressions and tonalities.
Labyrinth is the third exhibition in a series with Thrills and Resort from 2019. The exhibitions gather a number of younger professional artists from Northern Jutland to contribute to collective contextualization and understanding of the local art scene through individual artistic practices and dialogue.
Labyrinth is an exhibition with works, performances, and artist talks in the exhibition space Brolandingerne, and is presented in collaboration with Art Room 1000fryd. All activities will be held in accordance with the current COVID-19 restrictions.
Labyrinth is kindly supported by Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen and Aalborg Kommune.