Saturday the 24th of April 2021 / kl 00:00 / entre 100 DKK
Martyrdöd (SWE)
Afsky (DK)
and local support

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Hailing from Sweden, Martyrdöd unleash intense and brutal blackened crust. Over the years the band has refined its own distinct style within the strong tradition of Swedish kängpunk. The riffs are raw and powerful with haunting melodies over a storm of sonic shrapnel, while the two guitars trade off sledgehammer riffs and driving melodic leads.

Having been signed to Southern Lord since 2012, Martyrdöd released their seventh album ‘Hexhammaren’ on Century Media last year while remaining affiliated with Southern Lord. The band has earned its stripes on the road, touring the US with Black Breath and Europe with Rotten Sound and Converge. Don’t miss their triumphant return to Kattesundet.

Afsky is Solbrud frontman Ole Luk’s solo project. It is based on traditional black metal mixed with folk and doom, wildness and melancholy.

Afsky saw the light of day in 2015 when a self-titled 3-track EP was released. It was later reissued by Vendetta Records who also released the full-length debut ‘Sorg’ in 2017 and the critically-acclaimed follow-up ‘Ofte jeg drømmer mig død’ earlier this year. Lyrically ‘Ofte jeg drømmer mig død’ pays homage to renowned Danish writers of the 19th century such as Jeppe Aakjær, Emil Aarestrup and H.C. Andersen.