Saturday the 23rd of October 2021 / kl 21:00 / entre 80 DKK
Omsorg (local)

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Formed in 2017, EYES is made up by five young veterans from the Danish metal and hardcore scene who do not worry one bit about what fans, scene or people in general might think of their output. You sense a kinship with bands such as Daughters, Pissed Jeans and Converge – bands that have all taken radical artistic turns along the way.

After a hefty initial time as a band with a hyped debut EP in 2018 and a series of explosive shows in Denmark and Europe, the urge to redirect themselves arose, as new songs began to take shape. The band quickly decided to make a shift from the debut’s ‘blackened’ expression towards a more punk rocking and experimental sound with a focus on grooves and hooks – a less ‘brutal’, more minimalistic aesthetic and an underplayed expression in both auditive, lyrical and visual aspects.

This has resulted in 2020’s ‘Underperformer’ and its ten songs showcasing a unique talent for injecting new life into hardcore with a disregardful (mis)use of the genres many strains and traits through a focused, original songwriting. The aggression is nonetheless present indeed, but always in an interplay with challenging and dynamic riffs and arrangements which relentlessly prevail in capturing, puzzling and entertaining the listener. This intransigent approach finds its strainless way into the band’s lyrics, strongly inspired by Jack Kerouac’s ‘stream of consciousness’ and Charles Bukowski’s straightforward, honest and nihilistic literary form.
‘Underperformer’ was a clear contender for album of the year in 2020. Don’t miss this show.


Omsorg is a new post-hardcore band from Aalborg. Their tempo and rhythm is in constant flux and they like to blend an ambient-like sound with their brand of hardcore.

Omsorg consists of familiar faces from Aalborg’s underground scene. They have spent the last six months in the rehearsal room and have recently recorded songs for an upcoming split that Jacob Bredahl has mixed and mastered.

Defeater, Have Heart, Birds In Row and Touche Amore are early inspirations. This night will be their debut live show.