Saturday the 11th of September 2021 / kl 20:00 / entre 40 DKK
Hassan K (FRA)
au2pilot (local)

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Hassan K.[ electro oriental surf rock avant garde one man band ]Straying away from a folklore dominated by the binary kicks ofcontemporary Oriental electro, Keyvane Alinaghi becomesHassan K. and transcends the fluctuant borders of Persianmusic.As much a fiddler as an adamant defender of a free and open-source culture, polymath DIY artist... For more than 10 years, this solo artist has been boundlessly blending Persian rituals with new technologies, the West with the East, surf music with belly dancing, swing with cyber-metal, film scores with harsh noise...The multi-instrumentalist musician is a traditionalist who does not play around with folklore, but rather searches for the essence of a millennial culture, in order to offer it a second breath without ever deteriorating it.Composed without any sample, note by note, click by click, just as would a Benedictine monk (Ishraq?), each album is an initiatory passage, a theosophical stage which narratively echoes the Iranian spiritual chivalry. To finalize this journey, the musician must constantly assess the live restitution of an electronic piece which was thought within a studio. Hassan K. crafts his tools, bends or upgrades traditional eastern instruments (electric setar, sensors, robotized santoor) in order not to indefinitely linger within virtuality and to lead spectators towards a trance-like, intensively energetic live.


Local electro hero straight out of the kolonihave!