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Hey Colossus (UK)
Teeth Of The Sea (UK)

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Amplification moves air and gestures to the celestial. A splitter van
parks in a service station. The afterglow of the stage. The weight of
a bass cab up a steep flight of metal stairs. Hey Colossus are no
strangers to the dualities of life as a loud rock band.
But more importantly, they know how to channel both facets into
records that transcend all limitations in a blinding volley of
incandescence. _Dances/Curses_ - their lucky thirteenth record - is
the work of six musicians at the peak of their considerable powers of
intuition and inspiration.
Constant motion is also something Hey Colossus know a little about,
now into their eighteenth year as a band in a never-ending search for
new trouble and new epiphanies. When this iteration of the band -
which came together around the making of their last release, 2019's
'Four Bibles', geographically spread between Somerset, Watford,
London, Nottingham and Sheffield - first began work the chemistry
apparently took care of itself, with their meetings at weekend
rehearsals seeing them undergo a process less like jamming and more
like a particularly intensive form of instant composition.
Whatever sparks were spontaneously flying in these initial sessions,
they gave rise to enough material to make _Dances/Curses_ a double
record, running the gamut from the rhythmically-driven, infectiously
melodic songcraft of 'Donkey Jaw' and 'Medal' via the slow-burning
atmospherics of 'U Cowboy' to the mightily motorik-driven 15 minute
travelogue that is 'A Trembling Rose', which takes in a plethora of
unified headspaces in richly cinematic style. Longterm Hey Colossus
fan Mark Lanegan makes an appearance amidst the languid and sun-soaked
denouement of 'The Mirror', the existential gravitas of his tones
entirely at home in these revelatory surroundings.
Fittingly for a band who operate entirely by their own co-ordinates,
Dances/Curses is released on bassist Joe Thompson's own Wrong Speed
Records (and Learning Curve Records in the US), his latest such
venture in a lifetime of steadfast belief in the DIY maxim, "It's
time for all bands to take control of their shit" he notes. All the
tools are there to do it yourself. Back your own horse. It's
practical. It's positive. There's a chance things will never be the
same, if change doesn't happen now it never will."
On The Press
_"__[Across this 75-minute double LP, Hey Colossus weave a rich sonic
tapestry in which the wealth of ideas, clarity of vision and keen eye
for detail makes for a highly rewarding, consistently unpredictable,
and, at times, utterly transcendent experience. Dances / Curses_ –
just like _Four Bibles_ and _The Guillotine_ before it – is neither
a band flexing its technical muscles for the sake of it nor attempting
to break into what remains of the mainstream music industry. It's a
distillation of the cumulative experience of a staunchly DIY band with
nearly two decades of hard graft under their belt. It's a honing of
their considerable abilities in crafting a nuanced, detailed record
that carries all of the weight, urgency and emotional pull of their
early work while continuing to push inexorably forward into
invigorating new territory.
— The Quietus, Album of the Year


From the basements of East London,Teeth Of The Sea have forged
forward intrepidly over twelve years, four albums and two EPs to
become heralded as the UK's most adventurous and unclassifiable outfit
in the realm of the psychedelic. As inspired by virulent garage-driven
noise as austere avant-garde experimentation and driven by soundtrack
atmospherics, jazz exploration and electronic dissonance alike,
they've outgrown their original influences (Butthole Surfers, Eno,
Goblin, Aphex Twin, Throbbing Gristle) to forge a sound both richly
celestial and acidically synapse-scorching.
It's a journey that's taken them to European festivals like Roadburn,
Milhoes De Festa, Eindhoven Psych Lab and Incubate, seen them perform
specially curated live soundtrack work in Romania, Cork and CERN, and
led them to devastate UK events like Supersonic, Supernormal,
Latitude, Bestival and Green Man - all the while forging forward
heedlessly into chaos and fresh discovery anew. With their fifth album
"Wraith" released by Rocket Recordings in early 2019, Teeth Of The
Sea continued to blaze forth with enlightenment and irreverence to the
fore. Who knows where they'll arrive, but be prepared to brace
yourself and bear witness.
On The Press
_"TOTS are merely vessels for a force operating somewhere beyond our
comprehension of what can, and does, qualify as pop music" -_ _Clash_