Wednesday the 17th of November 2021 / kl 20:00 / GRATIS entre
at Frederikshavns Kunstmuseum

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1000Fryd presents avantgarde music at Frederikshavns Kunstmuseum.

Free entrance!


Last winter, Lucas started his new noise project Anxiety after a long time with the idea, it is now time for people to be introduced to what it is all about.
Lucas has recorded sounds around him in Aalborg city and here he quickly found out that there are many weird human made sounds. The sounds are manipulated into something that no longer exists in the city. These distorted sounds are there to show how anxious the city can make us.


As the night lifted, beautiful sounds slipped through all the cracks. All the mesmerizing entities was no longer a blur. Vivid visions of all alluring beings and existence came blazing through. New life was made.
A creation made of breathing, hubbub, and uproar. Layer and layers of worldly outbursts resides next to each other turning into an unembellished piece of plastic.