Saturday the 13th of November 2021 / kl 20:00 / entre 50 DKK
Puke Wolf (Aarhus)
Omsorg (Aalborg)

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2 x post-hardcore til dit fjæs! Literately !

The most anti-Corona show this year, where you will be packed in the smallest concert room in the world with 20 other people and can't breathe! Sounds like Saturday...

Only 15 tickets available and you are only allowed to get in if you buy in advance.

The show is at Brolandingerne underneath Limfjordsbroen at Strandvejen 10.


It’s fast-paced, ugly and beautiful at the same time and entirely up to the listener to interpret. All members contribute on the vocal side, each more extreme than the other, hoping to attain a cathartic experience that resonates with the listener.
In spring of 2019, Puke Wolf released their debut EP ‘Everything From Nothing’.


Omsorg is a three-piece post-hardcore band from Aalborg, Denmark. Their tempo and rhythm are in a state of constant flux and they like to blend an ambient-like sound with their brand of hardcore.
They wear their hearts on their sleeves and the lyrics deal with darkness and compassion. The band is not afraid to dig up bones from the past. Omsorg is currently working on their first release.

FFO: Defeater, Have Heart, Birds In Row, Touché Amore.

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