Thursday the 23rd of June 2022 / kl 20:00 / entre 70 DKK
Trans-X (MEX)
Neotrin (local)

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Back in the early 80s, a young Canadian singer/songwriter/producer named Pascal Languirand became one of the inventors of Hi-NRG, a propulsive dance pop crossover style of music that he performed with his group Trans-X. The Montreal based Trans-X hit big in 1986 when their club and radio hit “Living on Video,” topped dance and pop charts around the world. Characterized by prominent bass lines, driving electronic drums, and synthesizers playing swirling melodies, Hi-NRG held sway for more than a decade on dance floors all over Asia, North and Latin America, and Europe. But as do all musical trends, Hi-NRG finally had its day and the Dance scene evolved into House music, Techno, Trance, New Beat, and Hip Hop.
Languirand, however, remained true to his artistic soul. He developed his spiritual side, and released several New Age albums and dabbled in Trance, while living in the U.S., Spain, and Mexico.
A few years ago, Languirand became aware of a young woman calling herself Pascalita who had taken to dressing like him in the mostly black garb that he favored, and even going so far as dying her hair platinum and styling it in the distinctive Trans-X comb over.
On one of Trans-X’s tours of Europe, they finally met.
And in a whirlwind courtship that could be ripped from the pages of a fairy tale, they fell in love, and got married.
Pascalita, whose real name is Luana, introduced Pascal to a new form of party music that has inspired millions of fans from the Gen Y generation
And thus, energized by their love for each other, the couple are currently recording a new album of music and a new live show they call TRANS-X PSY-ENERGY that joins a new global electronic movement advocating the cause of psychedelic love and universal peace.


Du tager lidt Rocazino, blander det med en smule Sneakers og OneTwo, tilsætter glimmer, synth og dansk hygge. Så har du "Neotrin". Et moderne svar på Danmarks elskede 80'er musikscene skabt af aalborg-baserede Emilie Christensen og Christine Bruun. Duoen mødte hinanden på højskole, hvor de fandt hinanden musikalsk og har arbejdet fremragende sammen i feltet, lige siden. Med "Neotrin" har de altid haft stor succes med at få publikum i alle aldre, med på 80'er viben, da deres musik og tekster er ligetil og noget alle kan forstå og relatere til