Thursday the 11th of August 2022 / kl 18:30 / GRATIS entre
Drink and Draw
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Hey Aalborg!

• We’re presenting:
Drink and Draw Aalborg: #3 Edition with Sketch With Me group!!!!! This one’s special 😉

• When:
Thursday 11th August, starting at 6:30pm

• Where: 1000fryd (Kattesundet 10, 9000 Aalborg)

• Wait, what is it?:
Drink and Draw is a global drawing session format where people get together to draw and drink. We invite you to join us in a relaxed, welcoming and non-hierarchal atmosphere during the first ever edition of a Drink and Draw in the city of Aalborg.

• FAQs:
Can I join if I don't know how to draw?
• Can I join if I don't drink?
• What should I bring?
Stuff you usually use the draw, the basics would be a piece of paper, something to support it, and a pencil or marker.
*We will provide the public with some materials, but you are very welcome to bring your own according to what you like
• Why:
As new comers in Aalborg we were looking for places to just hang and draw, we couldn't find one so far so we decided to create it!
• Program:
18:30 ϟ Event starts
18:00-20:30 ϟ Throughout that time we will be featuring:
✎ 15 min sets with live models, featuring a nude model, face-to-face portrait drawing and one big format collaborative drawing
✎ A still life set up located in the middle of the room
✎ Guest artists will be present in the room to engage in conversations, share some tips or provide guidance when needed
✎A nicely curated music set will be played
✎Bar is open
20:30 onwards ϟ We invite you to hang, talk, share some thoughts or drinks.

*No registration/fee required.
Come! Invite your friends, meet cool new people, get to know creators, artists and overall people interested in drawing, join a conversation about the art scene in Aalborg, the global art system, your favorite materials for sketching, what you did last weekend or whatever is on your mind while you enjoy some drinks and a creative atmosphere.

Hope to see you all there!
- The Drink and Draw International Team