Søndag den 14 februar 2016 / kl 16 00 / GRATIS entre
Sunday Movie Matinée:
Cemetery Man

Cemetery Man (Italian: Dellamorte Dellamore) is a 1994 Italian-French-German comedy horror film directed by Michele Soavi and starring Rupert Everett, François Hadji-Lazaro and Anna Falchi. It was written by Gianni Romoli and based on the 1991 novel by Tiziano Sclavi. Sclavi is also the author of the comic Dylan Dog, which covers similar themes and whose protagonist is a Rupert Everett lookalike.

The film's story concerns the beleaguered caretaker of a small Italian cemetery, who searches for love while defending himself from dead people who keep rising again.

The Plot:

Francesco Dellamorte, the caretaker of the Buffalora Cemetery, and his trusty assistant Gnaghi, find that the recently buried are rising from the grave and trying to eat people. No one in the town's administration believes that this is happening, and so Francesco and Gnaghi simply deal with these so-called "Returners" and go on about their day

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Tirsdag den 16 februar 2016 / kl 19 00 / entre 25 kroner
Hver tirsdag arbejder en flok frivillige og hårdt prøvede aktivister på at lave vegansk folkekøkken på 1000Fryd.

Vegansk betyder, at der ikke er brugt animalske ingredienser i madlavningen, hverken kød eller mælkeprodukter. 1000Fryds folkekøkken er vegansk fordi vi ønsker at skabe et alternativ og vise, at man sagtens kan lave lækkert og næringsrigt mad uden flødesovs og hakkebøffer...

Produktionen af animalske produkter er meget bekostelig, energikrævende og langt fra bæredygtigt. Samtidig lever (og dør) dyrene i landbruget under uacceptable vilkår, hvor fødevareindustrien reducerer levende væsener til objekter og fødevarer.

1000Fryds folkekøkken viser, at vegansk mad ikke bare er bæredygtigt og humant, men også lækkert, sundt og fuld af smag!



 photo folkekoslashkken_zpspympewie.jpg



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Onsdag den 17 februar 2016 / kl 19 00 / GRATIS entre
Documentary Evening:
The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer is a seminal 1966 surf movie.

Filmmaker/narrator Bruce Brown follows two surfers, Mike Hynson and Robert August, on a surfing trip around the world. Despite the balmy climate of their native California, cold ocean currents make local beaches inhospitable during the winter.

They, with Rodney Sumpter and Nat Young, travel to the coasts of Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Tahiti and Hawaii in a quest for new surf spots and introduce locals to the sport. Other important surfers of the time, such as Miki Dora, Phil Edwards and Butch Van Artsdalen, also appear.

The narrative presentation eases from the stiff and formal documentary of the 1950s and early 1960s to a more casual and fun-loving personal style filled with sly humor. The surf rock soundtrack to the film was provided by The Sandals. The "Theme to the Endless Summer" was written by Gaston Georis and John Blakeley of the Sandals. It has become one of the best known film themes in the surf movie genre.


Its title comes from the idea, expressed at both the beginning and end of the film, that if one had enough time and money it would be possible to follow the summer around the world, making it endless. The concept of the film was born through the suggestion of a travel agent to Bruce Brown during the planning stages of the film. The travel agent suggested that the flight from Los Angeles to Cape Town, South Africa and back would cost $50 more than a trip circumnavigating the world. After which, Bruce came up with the idea of following the summer season by traveling around the world.

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Torsdag den 18 februar 2016 / kl 19 00 / GRATIS entre
Intro møde for nye frivillige


Har du lyst til at være frivillig på 1000Fryd og en del af vores crew?

Vi trænger til endnu flere folk, som har lyst til at være en del af byens sejeste spillested og mod på at stå i bar, tage imod éntre, lave bandmad, folkekøkken, afvikle koncerter eller svinge en kost....

Så har du lyst til at bruge kræfter i et spændende og aktivt kulturmiljø, få et væld af gratis kulturoplevelser og samtidig blive en del af vores fællesskab på 1000Fryd, så kom forbi intromøde torsdag d. 18. februar klokken 19 i vores café eller skriv til 1000fryd@1000fryd.dk

Vi ses!


1000Fryd is looking for new volunteers! Do you want to volunteer at a culture house with a busy music schedule and a vegan café, where we also do vegan soup kitchens, free cinema, and much more?

Since we're mostly DIY run we always need new people to be a part of our crew. We're always looking for people to bartend, people to cook (both for bands and for our soup kitchen), people to help cleaning, and loads of other activities (eg. cinema, managing events/concerts or collect entrance fees at concerts)

There's no age limit, you don't need any special experience, we'll teach you whatever you need.

So! If you want to be a part of an active community, have a lot of fantastic experiences for free, meet new people, and have loads of fun, act now!

If you can't wait for this meeting, just contact 1000Fryd@1000Fryd.dk, or drop in any monday at 17:00, where we have our weekly meeting.

See ya'!

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Fredag den 19 februar 2016 / kl 21 00 / entre 50 kroner
Virgin Suicide (dk) + support
Forsalgsbillet: Tryk her!

Virgin Suicide is a Copenhagen based Indie-pop band. Virgin Suicide is the sound of clean chords and heart wrecking melodies. Its all about the despair of being young, and what we hope to be after we've lost something.

Virgin Suicide released their debut album Virgin Suicide last year and we've been looking forward to their visit for a long time! Sporting matching normcore haircuts and turtlenecks, the band sings us the sweet sweet finger banging lullaby of teenaged playground love. The sunshine and palm trees are a perfect backdrop for the upbeat tune which has roots in 60's rock with a touch of that slick Brit attitude of 80's Brit jangle pop.

Soundkartell wrote: "... Listening to the first single “Virgin Suicide” we have to revise our first genre description. We are more likely dealing with retro-pop. And it is also retro how they cloth themselves the five Danes from Virgin Suicide. We find loose-fitting training suits and hair styles from the 80ies. And this is how they strike relaxing tones in their songs. They indeed bring us back in time, when we permit it."



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