Onsdag den 4 maj 2016 / kl 20 00 / entre 50 kroner
Golden Grass (us)
Travelin Jack (us)

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Golden Grass is a Brooklyn-based power-trio and is the real deal, and their music harkens back to the golden age when heavy rock music was upbeat, skillfully played, energetic, edgy, and bursting with good time sunshine vibes.

They come hard with a strong backbone of deep-pocket funky flare and an earnest/uplifting
southern/country/mountain rock vibe, layered with waves of psychedelic textures that explode into jaw-dropping proto-metal moves. And throughout their progressive arrangements and timeless grooves are lush and powerfully delivered vocals, stacked with gorgeous harmonies and maddeningly catchy verses and choruses singing the tales of real-life loves, losses, and the drive to keep on keepin’ on!

TRAVELIN JACK is a Hard Rock Band from Berlin that is mostly inspired by Rock Music and style of the 70s, such as Slade, AC/DC, Deep Purple and UFO, with a profound love for make up, glitter and high power performances. Between singer Alia's strong soulful vocals and the emotional twin guitar attacks Travelin Jack's concerts bring each house down wherever they play, gaining the band invitations to Freak Valley Festival, Desertfest Berlin, Reeperbahn Festival and Muskelrock Festival in 2015.

Following the release of the debut album New World in September 2015 Travelin Jack have toured with Heat and they will tour with Golden Grass in spring 2016. Travelin Jack have to come to fight depression and put the fun back into Rock & Roll and no-one can resist them because Glitter is bigger than Satan!

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Fredag den 6 maj 2016 / kl 21 00 / entre 60 kroner
Mantar (d)
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Ever since their inception in early 2013, Northern Germany's two-piece monster, MANTAR, has been recognized as one of the hardest working bands in the extreme metal underground. Melting the most sinister elements of black metal, doom and punk through an unfiltered lens of pure primal rage, MANTAR have quickly proven to be louder and more ferocious than most bands twice their size. The half-German/half-Turkish duo, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Hanno Klaenhardt and drummer Erinc Sakarya, self-released their first 7" single in late 2013 which directly led to a deal with renowned, international metal label Svart Records to record their full-length debut. Recorded in 2013 and titled »Death By Burning«, the album is a raw, self-produced, and 100% DIY display of power. For fans of Motörhead, Melvins, Asphyx and Darkthrone alike.

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L�rdag den 7 maj 2016 / kl 21 00 / GRATIS entre
Funky Chicken Party vol. IV

So it's gonna happen again!

Funky Chicken Party come again to 1000fryd to celebrate the VOLUME IV.

And this time along with our host PinchadiscosTheLatex you will have the chance to enjoy the music of Sensei Dirtkraut.

You can expect the best tunes to break the dancefloor. Boogaloo, Soulstomp, Discofunk and the finest Kraut.

Come dressed with you're best 70s funky or chicken costume and have a free beer.



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Torsdag den 12 maj 2016 / kl 19 00 / GRATIS entre
Ping-Pong Torsdag
Ping-Pong omgang #59

Rundt-om-bordet ping-pong aften med første runde kl.19!


De gør det i folkeskolen i Klarup, de gør det i dussen i Gug, de gør det på smarte klubber i Berlin, og nu gør vi det også på 1000Fryd: Fyrer den af med en omgang cool ass rundt-om-bordet.

På med pandebåndet, den bordeaux-røde polo og de lidt for korte shorts for i aften spæner vi rundt om bordet som lallende tosser. Fnug-let stemning, moderigtige smash-hits på pladespilleren og naturligvis billige sports-colaer i baren, så der er styr på blodsukkeret! I aftenens anledning langer vi Sportcola over disken for en 10’er.

Tag dit gamle bat med, hvis det ikke er slidt op – ellers kan du låne.

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Fredag den 13 maj 2016 / kl 21 00 / GRATIS entre

"StereoElastique" ­ a hot pot of the diverse underground dance music!

2 decades of experience let the StereoElastique Dj team to master the most important skill to play records in the right order. Each record must complement the one before, and introduce the one that follows. Beatmatching is an obvious way of linking records, but there are other common factors, such as lyrical themes & complimentary keys that StereoElastique Djs often use to aid the transition. Each piece of music has a mood and an energy level, and orchestrated carefully, you can create an atmosphere where every record that comes in is precisely right for the moment.

The idea of "StereoElastique" is to bring to the dancefloor a seamless eclectic mix of diverse music.

Playing for the duration of the whole night StereoElastique selectors are able to create a very relaxed atmosphere, before increasing the energy levels and taking in many kinds of music along the way. Over the course of a night the music can include funk, nu jazz, world beats, electro swing, disco, deep house, reggae, rocksteady, dancehall, dub, electronica, electro, techno, hip hop, trap, jungle and indie dance and plenty of goodies that don’t fit into any of the categories above. The only real criteria is that the music has to complement StereoElastique style and sound!

SteroElastique Dj team delivering the kaleidoscopic technique of mixing that gives countless unforgettable moments to people from different musical persuasions.

Come to 1000fryd friday 13th of May and enjoy "StereoElastique"!

Purely for your aural pleasure, obscure but quality underground dance music.

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