Onsdag den 29 marts 2017 / kl 19 00 / GRATIS entre
Documentary Evening:
Breaking the Spell

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An hour-long look at the 1999 Seattle WTO protests and the anarchists (particularly those from Eugene) who traveled there to set a new precedent for militant confrontation. Rather than attempting to cover every situation at the WTO, Breaking the Spell covers a few scenes film in depth. It is filmed in the thick of the action, including footage that aired nationally on 60 Minutes, it captures a moment when world history was up for grabs. Rather than attempting to cover every situation at the WTO, Breaking the Spell has several moving montage sequences combined with a few scenes that cover one or two situations in depth.

Torsdag den 30 marts 2017 / kl 16 00 / GRATIS entre
Meeting/workshop for new activists
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Hello, and welcome to 1000Fryd!

This event serves as an invitation to people who are interested in becoming part of our awesome community.

We invite everyone interested in getting involved at 1000Fryd to join our meeting for new activists. Find more information at www.1000fryd.dk

At 16 there will be some vegan snacks, and we will give everyone a brief introduction into the house, our different groups, and how activism works.

Shortly after that you will get a tour around the house, and after the tour we will make three short workshops; a badge workshop, a workshop where you design one of our concert posters, and a workshop where you learn how to make stencil with different designs.

While we are doing these workshops our good friend Dusty Awe will play some lovely music for you: Listen!


1000Fryd is a community center driven and owned by the 1000Fryd community. The house is run by volunteer activists. 1000Fryd has different workshops, but the majority of our activities lies in the club where there is music 6-8 times a month.


There are about a billion good reasons to lend your time to this amazing place. So get involved and start making a change.

It is easy to become an activist in the house. An activist can do lots of different things in the house; be a bartender, concert booker, making the food for the soup kitchen, showing movies in our Peephop etc.

Torsdag den 30 marts 2017 / kl 19 00 / GRATIS entre
ARTSY Thursday:
The Tribe

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A deaf mute boy joins a boarding school for similar children. Confronted by the violent and criminal antics of some of the other boys and girls, he struggles to conform and join the 'tribe'.

Fredag den 31 marts 2017 / kl 21 00 / entre 60 kroner
The Mutants (FIN)
Batolit (lokal)
DJ Steffan (lokal)

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Mixture of 60´s garage rock, surf, porn funk and manic psychedelia, the instrumental madness of The Mutants is a lost soundtrack for Russ Meyer´s, Tarantino´s and Aki Kaurismäki´s films. Impossible to kategorize, we call it "afro-garage-mambo".

It grew out of Finnish punk scene into maximum weirdness it has achieved today well worth coming down and witnessing it with youre own three eyes.

Entrance 60 kr.

According to the almost 50 reviews of "Voodoo Blues", the journalists worldwide compare the sound of The Mutants among the others to these:

The Stooges, Django Reinhardt, Tito Puente, Funkadelic, MC5, The Jimmy Castor Bunch, Quincy Jones, Isaac Hayes, Link Wray, Black Sabbath, Santana, Uriah Heep, Osibisa,Hypnomen, Kingston Wall, Laika & The Cosmonauts, The Specials, Dexy´s Midnight Runners, Hawkwind, Ram Jam Band, Otis Redding,0’s porn films, Bud Spencer movies, James Bond, Quentin Tarantino, Cleopatra Jones, Shaft,laxploitation, ´70 detective series, B-movies, Russ Meyer, Dirty Harry, David Lynch, Twin Peaks, Kill Bill, Mission: Impossible, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown…

Confusing enough, uh? That´s why we call it Afro-Garage-Mambo...


Local creatures finally coming out of their cave again to destroy your sunny day with beautiful people and lovely vulcanos. Death with HM2!! Well, this two-piece is nice and they play lovely music with a bass and a drum set.


Our lovely in-house dj-specialist Steffan will end the night by playing some lovely tunes to brigten up your night

Fredag den 31 marts 2017 / kl 21 21 / GRATIS entre
Queer Fridays
1st Queer Friday in the Peepshop