Thursday the 18th of December 2003 / kl 20:00 / GRATIS entre
Surrounded (s) + The First Miles (lok)
Surrounded har netop udgivet "Safety in numbers" på det store amerikanske emo-label Deep Elm. Svenskerne er et af de mest afdæmpede og smukke indslag på Deep Elm, og materialet fra "Safety in Numbers" lægger op til en meget intim konceroplevelse.

Lokale The First Miles sværger ligeledes til intimiteten uden dog at være bange for at give los med lidt guitar.

Tjek hjemmesider for mp3 Om Surrounded har nogen sagt: "Surrounded - who seem to be disciples of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd and that band's progenitors, Mercury Rev, Sparklehorse and The Flaming Lips - create arresting soundscapes of a quality on par with their influences. On Safety In Numbers, the forcefully whispered and spoken, distorted vocals are reminiscent of Slint's Spiderland and are laid over a hypnotic bed of effected guitars, keyboards, and samples. The lyrics are of the abstruse, poetic variety and the music is just too good to deny." - Soundcheck "Safety In Numbers from Surrounded is another beautiful and brilliant achievement from Sweden. With music this delicate, mellotrons dancing with cellos, lines from poems whispered so close to the microphone you hear every nuance of the voice, it has to be that Surrounded are beyond petty distractions. The songs and images approach at an oblique angle, insinuating themselves into your mind by slipping around the barriers. If you're allergic to pretty music or atmospheric bliss, you might find yourself resisting, but that resistance will be futile. To go off by yourself and think dark, impenetrable thoughts, spending time in your own mind contemplating the chaos of the external, illusory world, needs a soundtrack, and Surrounded is there for you." - Culture Bunker