Thursday the 27th of October 2005 / kl 19:30 / GRATIS entre
Wojczech (d) + Catheter (us) + Den Sibiriske Tåge (8k)
thrash you up € crust you över € grind you döwn præsenterer:

Bedst som du troede at Rostock kun ku' byde på fesne nazitosser med krampe i armen har 1000fryd den ære at ku' ryste din hverdagsbevidsthed ved at tilbyde en aften i selskab med Wojczech - en flok rostockerpunks der har spillet sammen siden 1995 og er så diy så det gør ondt. Nogle kalder musikken for 'black thrashcore', andre er traditionelle og besinder sig til grindcore - hovedsagen er at det bli'r for vildt!!!

Med sig har de Catheter fra Denver, CO, som vil piske en stemning op med en gedigen gang sludge grindcore. Her er lidt gejl/drunken ramblings om bandet fra det store internet:

"Yeah, this is some vicious grindcore played exactly the way it should be done. And it's released by the awesome Six Weeks label, aswell. Expect nothing short of furious blasts, catchy breaks, insane vocals, some good old fashioned sludge action and a fair amount of crust influences......the fucking works. When did this band become so damn good? The only material I knew before this LP was the split with Laughing Dog and that sure as hell wasn't as great as this. But yeah, things can change and in the case of Catheter it's changed for the better. Not only do they grind away for a good part of the LP, but they've also included two devastating sludgecore tracks in the spirit of Dystopia and Eyehategod. Apart from that, there are also two excellent covers (Napalm Death and The Accused). And three members provide vocals, so there's definitely some variety here. Anyway, what's more to say? The production is really fucking good. Everything sounds dense, thick and natural. The drumming sounds great, the bass lines are there, vocals are placed in the middle...etc. Everything blends together into a huge wall of defined noise, basically. So no complaints, whatsoever. Lyrically, this band is difficult to pin down. The lyrics range from sarcastic attacks to certain rockbands, "Fuck your bullshit styles and your shitty songs..", to more serious and introspective topics. The artwork looks awesome by the way and the insert has al the lyrics plus a black and white photo collage and whatnot. I understand this is a short review, but the fact of the matter is this is just great stuff. To put it in more clear terms, if you like grindcore but dislike this LP, you've got a serious problem my friend. By the way, it seems this LP was also released on CD by the Red Stream label with 10 extra tracks (a 7 inch and some live material), so much for staying 'true' to vinyl, huh?" - Joost / Vampire Magazine

Til at åbne denne fantastiske aften har vi fået 3 velkendte galninge fra Århus til at lægge vejen forbi til en forandring - denne gang under navnet Den Sibiriske Tåge, som med deres egne ord spiller hastig, harsk og hånlig mosh/grind-smadder blandet med iskold stemning fra stepperne - ikk' å'!

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