Fredag den 24 april 2015 / kl 21 00 / entre 50 kroner
Vialka (f)
Those Foreign Kids (nl)

Forsalgsbillet: Tryk her!

Vialka hail from deepest France, via everywhere and nowhere. From the center france, duet take inspiration in traditionnal underground and modern musics from the entire world. Music evolves across borders, melting african blues, traditionnal chinese songs, explosive rock and dynamics gypsy pieces, all in a pure energetic dervish swirl.

Just an incitation to dance on explosives rythms, scarry melodies and experimental moods.

They are a devilishly high-spirited guitar/drums duo who tour hard and fast across the world. Their music skips joyfully across borders, channeling desert blues, Chinese folk songs, scatter rock and European gypsy song dynamics in a whirlwind of dervish energy. Their endless gypsy punk folk rock tales, hard hitting poly-rhythms and yelps and howls make for a danceable and intoxicating brew.

This year, VIALKA offers a new pocket opera for lover's duel, named "À l'abri des regards indiscrets".

Between lyrical art and pop music, the hybrid piece of work establishes the aesthetic of a playwriting both subtle and raw, and brings the audience to rediscover opera as a simple and popular genre.

Aesthetic of the sensitivity and daily life tragedies, Vialka approaches the difficult theme of the lover's duet and astonishes by giving the opera genre a new kick of madness.

The two musicians are now in a more intimate context, but the musical coming and going is still woven with the same rage and envy the duet has always had, only making the subject more exquisite!

Hollands bright new noise hopes Those Foreign Kids grind up surprisingly ferocious sonic barrages, for although the name might mislead you, there's only two of them producing that tsunamic surge. They're like an ice-shelf surfing rabid polar bear coming straight at you. Nailed to the ground in terror you can only wait to be washed away.

On their debut record 'Zero Gravity Somersaulting Craze' Those Foreign Kids’ signature tsunamic surge has increased in power and takes on new shapes throughout the record. It picks you up, dangles you around and keeps you under just a little too long. But then you wash up ashore. And while you are catching your breath the thrill is still vibrating throughout your limbs. Oh hell, you’ll want to go for another ride.

The press wrote... “This is one of the more focused and memorable noise rock releases of the year. It's as if some of my favorite noise, garage rock, and post-punk acts-- Odonis Odonis, Japandroids, The Locust, and Thee Oh Sees-- formed like Voltron to create one extreme representative of a sound I love.”