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Night Viper (SE)
Demon Head (KBH)
Holy Dragon (lokal)

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Night Viper are a hot rockin’ heavy metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden featuring past and present members of Church Of Misery, Horisont, Miasmal and Lethal Steele. Combining the classic metal spirit of Judas Priest with the riff intensity of Metallica, along with a big handful of rock ’n’ roll attitude, they’ve proven to be the breath of fresh air heavy metal have been waiting for.

Since their first show in 2014, they’ve released a single and their first full length album both through Svart Records, and have toured Europe three times and played highlight sets at festivals like Roadburn, Muskelrock, and Heavy Days In Doom Town, and played two sold-out nights in a row supporting Graveyard in their home town.

They are about record a new single and are working on material for their second album.


Long winters and short glimpses of the sun gave life to Demon Head in 2012 in the city of Copenhagen. It quickly became clear that what the five demon brothers had awoken could not be buried again. The sound of old amplifiers, tape recording and raw power shows the inspirations from the first really heavy bands, blues and gloomy music in all its forms. A sinister kind of doom-tinged, heavy rock saw its first live appearance in late 2013 and since then Demon Head hasn't seem to be able to stop. Live shows have become notorious for their spell-like intensity and loud, dark groovyness.

After a demo tape that quickly sold out, the Winterland 7'' came shortly after the bands' first tour in Scandinavia with the witches of Körp, and just in time for their appearance at the Heavy Days in Doom Town festival. In the early days of spring 2014, Demon Head travelled to a small house in the country side near the infamous Heather Hills and recorded eight songs for their debut album Ride the Wilderness. The record was released a year later and the first press sold out in a matter of months. The acclaim of the underground was significant and the album was praised for its skilled songwriting, warm production and a certain sinister catchiness.

By now, it has been three wild tours of Europe and countless times has Demon Head appeared live to break down barriers and worship no one but the music, on festivals such as Muskelrock, Metal Magic, and Heavy Days in Doom Town, squats, concert halls, whiskey bars and out in the free air. They've thus shared stage with a myriad of bands from near and afar.

Driven by a burning love and dedicated work ethic, always with the help of friends and strangers, the latest release, a split 7'' single with fuzz punks Alucarda, was also recorded by the band. Shortly after the latest tour with heavy metal warriors Night Viper, the demons prepared to record their second album. Though sometimes down on luck, they managed to get a hold of an old mixing board and once again take shelter, far away from the city. Through day and night a new album is now summoned into being, entitled 'Thunder on the Fields', to be released the 7th of April by The Sign Records. While staying true to their signature sound, the songwriting is more refined, the songs more gritty and burning with urgency.

With new travels being planned in Europe and overseas, there is indeed lightning on the horizon and thunder on the fields.


Holy Dragon is primarily classic '70s heavy rock. A mix of prog, blues, heavy and psychedelic. Heavy slow passages and fast riff shot appears in the fog when the dragon thrones up.

The band follows the classic virtues with songs about war, destruction and swamp monsters simmered down with wavy solo passages and lots of space for the instrumental rides.

A new and heavy group which, however, has managed to play at Aalborg's finest stages and played with Horisont and Black Lung.

The band is working on an upcoming release and it is being created in old plumbing facilities in Nr.Uttrup, the whole thing is mixed and produced by Tony Reed. Enjoy