Fredag den 5 maj 2017 / kl 20 00 / entre 50 kroner
kollapse release show
kollapse (lokal)
Heathe (lokal/KBH)
au2pilot (lokal)
John LG. (lokal)

Forsalgsbillet: Tryk her!
Facebook event: Tryk her!

kollapse are finally releasing their debut album 'ANGST'.

The album drops on 16 different european record labels on the 5th of May. We celebrate the release at 1000Fryd with the support from three acts from Aalborg.

Entrance is 50 kr, and you will recieve a copy of the record on either LP, CD or tape.

There will be free shots in the gate to the first attending while John LG. plays, as well as a limited supply of free beer whilst kollapse are playing.



kollapse started jamming around 2012 with the intention of uniting the members’ love of various heavy music. After a DIY 10” the band grew into a more honed and personal sound, and released a split 7” with Copenhagen-based crusty hardcore band No Fealty. kollapse in the present is an eclectic mix of melodic doom riffs, epic crust, dark emo, and personal narratives. The band aim to create a pure, authentic and brutally honest expression.

With a producer in line, that understood the band and its direction, the recording process manifested a darker, heavier, and more focused sound, with songs that vary between slow lurches to fast and ferocious. The lyrics on the new album deal with anxiety, loss, freedom, suicide, death, and upbringing as underlying themes.

kollapse recorded ANGST together with producer Jacob Bredahl in the spring of 2016.

The album is mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Cult Leader, Magrudergrind, Modern Life is War, among others), and the album is being released by 15 different DIY record labels around Europe.



au2Pilot makes electronic music, and is known by his ideology to consciously avoid any type of recognizability in terms of genre or predictability. As an artist he insists on choosing his own path, regardless of the outcome: Order or chaos, is doesn’t matter. Sounds must never sound constructed – and the goal, after hours of composition efforts, is to feel unwound – using sound outbursts as therapy.



Started out as a solo project of Martin Pale, local record mogul and guitar destroyer. Heathe is a heavy, droning beast, dripping with black metal ambience and bad vibes. Martin played and recorded everything in a state of nihilistic isolation. Live the project takes on the form of a full band, with numerous instruments - a veritable big band of despair. A cathartic experience.


Johnny LG.

Experimental with an emphasis on mental. This is the solo project of Johnny Gregersen, local painter, musician and all around mad man.