Thursday den 21 December 2017 / kl 20 00 / entre 30 kroner
Tonto (ITA)
P601 (lokal)

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Francesco Zedde is a composer mainly concentrated in the three-dimensional sound diffusion and audiovision. Active since 2007 as drummer and electro-acoustic performer, mainly in the felds of oise, ambient and experimental music, he’ve been playing in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria and Norway. He has published 7 albums, 2 ep and 1 split, one of his last tracks, "Silex" included in "Exotic Esoterique vol.2" produced by Artetetra was reviewed by Simon Reynolds on The Wire. He has been a member of many different projects including Butcher Mind Collapse, A.N.O., Kree Mah Stre, Virgin Iris, Tentacle Rape; played more than 300 concerts, 70 of which in the last 6 months.

Nowadays he's often touring as a solo performer or as two different solo project, the frst called Tacet Tacet Tacet, (live electronics ambient audio/visual mainly inspired by modern experimental, post rock and psychedelic music) the second called Tonto, a furious punk rock one man band performed with a digitally processed drumset and voice.


Eine Welt von Beton. Eine graue Welt. Grauer Himmel und Erde, aber ein rotes Herz. Basierend auf dieser Idee wird P601 erstellt. Das Duo spielt deutsche Elektromusik und sie fahren das Publikum auf den Rücksitz eines Trabants durch ein graues musikalisches Universum. Es wird neu und es wird alt. Wir sind P601.