Tuesday den 6 February 2018 / kl 20 00 / GRATIS entre
Croquis Session:
Plastic Necklace Performance

Facebook event: Tryk her!

As a part of Plastic Necklace Performance by Kamilla Mez, Art Room 1000fryd is inviting new beginners, trained drawers and art interested to a bit atypical croquis session, where Mez will both be model, performing artist and art teacher.

Kamilla Mez is working around 450g AnyShape plastic, which she is wearing as a chain around her neck. The plastic necklace is positioning Mez in a performative role, which she will present at this croquis session, where the audience are training their drawing skills at the same time.

Statement of the artist: “The genesis, duration and content of my performance is defined by the premises of the material. The performance happens, when the necklace is dry, and ends, when it breaks. The symbiose between my everyday life and the necklace is the performance.”