Torsdag den 21 juni 2018 / kl 15 00 / GRATIS entre
Art Room:
Traffic Light of Emotions

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There's no doubt that the art is about feelings. It is very obvious in music, which has a priviliged access to express feelings, and by that is affecting us. But feelings are defiently also existing in the visual arts, not only in fierced, expressive works like Munch's perpetual scream, but overall.

Traffic Light of Emotions is a one day exhibition with Mitsu aka. Vanessa Ribeiro (PT), Ezra Lundtoft Thomsen (DK) & Lauma Silauniece (LV), which all work with their emotions in their arts. What they greatly have in common is the theraputical aspect when creating pictures - tackling emotions while tackling the visual outcome - but at the same time work with different themes about oneself in the art.


Mitsu aka. Vanessa Ribeiro (PT)

Mitsu is a designer and contemporary artist, who is also known as Nessie and Vanessa, and recently lives in Denmark. She is inspired by dreams and music, and her vision is to make her dreams come true and wants to see people smile when seeing her works.

Ezra Lundtoft Thomsen (DK)

(description coming later)

Lauma Silauniece (LV)

Her mom put her in art school preparatory classes when she was around 6 years old. It was her and her friend from kindergarde group that refused to take naps. They were so to call 'problematic' kids for the teachers, because they refused to follow the daily regimen of kindergarten. So when the kids went to sleep, the teacher took them off to art school, that was right across the road. Lauma finished art school when she was 15 years old, since then she has been developing her style, experimenting with different medias and exploring what is out there.



15.00 Opening

15.30 Introduction to the works

20.00 End

The event is free, and there will be tea and snacks.

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