Friday the 24th of August 2018 / kl 20:00 / entre 50 DKK
Hugjiltu (CN)
Maher Mahmoud (SY)
Alain Apaloo (TG)

Sadly the show is cancelled. More info at the Facebook. Every ticket paid for has been refunded.

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Breaking boundaries

Three renowned musicians from widely different backgrounds will meet for the first time on the stage at 1000 Fryd on August 24th. It will be a magnificent encounter of culture and music. Each musician will play a solo set, but the most important part of the evening will be the music they will create together live infant of the audience. It will be a fusion of traditional music, jazz and blues. Asian, West African and Arabic music coming together, crossing borders, languages and cultures, showing us that music still has the power to bring us closer together. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime experience!


Hangai co-founder and band leader of Ajinai, hailing from Inner Mongolia's ZaLute prairie, Hugejiletu is one of China's most well-known representatives of Mongolian music traditions. Deeply influenced by his father, a highly-respected musician, he initially learned a traditional storytelling form of playing music, before picking up the horse-head fiddle and started learning throat singing. In 2005, Hugejiletu co-founded the influential Mongolian-folk-rockband Hanggai, performing and composing with the group until 2009 where he started his own project Ajinai. Apart from being a part of Ajinai, Hugjiltu also performs and tours with avant-folk group Dawanggang, whilst also garnering an impressive reputation as a solo artist.


Maher Mahmoud is a Syrian composer and oudist. Maher graduated in 2010 from The Higher Institute of Music in Damascus, where he studied both classical Arabic and Western music. Maher has since 2005 been composing and arranging for several musical groups: big band, symphony orchestra, solo, various ensemble sizes, Arabic Takht and chamber orchestra.

Maher is interested in world music and discovering new sounds on the oud and additionally, experimenting with different styles of contemporary music.

Since 2009, Maher has worked with different bands and artists in Denmark, UK and around Europe – among others are Damon Albarn and Brian Eno, Dunia Ensemble, The Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra, Grænseløs, Dicte, JSO Bremen-Nord Philharmonic Orchestra, RUM band, Blood-Sweat-Drum & Bass big band, S. Møller Big Band, Art Ensemble Syd, Listen! Trio, Nouri Iskandar String Quartet and Li Dine.


Born in Aneho, Togo, Alain Apaloo started from childhood playing traditional drums in traditional ensembles and singing in the church choir.

He has since continued with Afro, jazz and blues. He moved to Danmark in 1999 to study at the Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen to further his skills as a guitar player and composer. With his rhythmically and melodically different approach to music, his enthusiasm and dedication to his work, Alain soon found himself involved in collaboration with well known musicians like French jazz flutist Marianne Bitran, saxophone players Simon Spang-Hanssen and Jakob Dinesen, Kenn Lending, Dan Hammer, Bob Rockwell, Willi Jonson, Michael Puggaard, Jakob Dinesen, Kenn Lending Blues Band and Rasmus Lyberth.