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Do you wanna exhibit in Art Room?
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/// Do you wanna exhibit, perform, do art related workshops or happenings in this room in the Spring of 2019? ///


Art Room 1000fryd is a raw and neutral exhibition space, located in the middle of Aalborg. The platform is part of a legendary culturehouse with a diverse underground environment. The room had its official opening in september 2017, and since then we have had several exhibitions, performances and workshops. Our intention is to create an experimenting platform in Aalborgs artscene for upcoming artists and art interested, where they can test themselves out in new ways.

Our platform is created and developed by people, who are interested in critical, experimenting, underground and upcoming art not seen on the established art scene of Aalborg. The room is organised and run completely on a voluntary base, so therefore we are not scared of doubt, mistakes and problems, because these are the source for reflection, learning and development.


What we can offer

/// One to three days of exhibition for you project in the timeframe of February - May 2019.

/// A group of volunteers ready to help you preparing your project.

/// Refreshments and accommodation during your stay.

/// Transport money.


What we expect from you

/// A description of you, your background and practice.

/// A short description of your project(s).

/// Documentation of your project(s). Max. 20 photos / 2 minute video / auditive clip of it.

/// A serious approach to the collaboration with Art Room 1000fryd.

Contact /// Deadline /// 1st of December 2018.

We look forward to hear from you!