Tuesday the 27th of November 2018 / kl 20:00 / GRATIS entre
Documentary Evening:
3 short local documentaties from Denmark

Facebook event: Tryk her!


1st film: MASHI HALO [IT WAS FINE] (2017)

Directed by Freja Nanadowa Rohde Monney This documentary/fiction film portrays the day of a Palestinian girl from morning till evening. The film is an illustration of a poem written by a 17-year old girl. We see her world and hear her thoughts about love, friends, family and the society. Through her eyes, a modern Palestine emerges.


Director:Daniel Rosengren Olsen An invitation is a short documentary that aims at allowing refugees to take control of their own narrative and invite Danes over to meet them at asylum centers or local organisations.

3rd Film: DET TYNDE ØL.

Directed by Nadissa Haynes-Pedersen. ''Det Tynde Øl is a documentary that follows 4 immigrant women living in Denmark. They tell their story and we get some insight on how they manoeuvre through Danish society as foreigners. This is not a dramatic story about immigrants who, against all odds, achieve limitless success in their new homeland but it's a film about the majority of immigrants who get up every day and make an effort to integrate and function in the Danish society.