Thursday the 26th of March 2020 / kl 19:44 / GRATIS entre
PingPong #78

Cancelled because of Corona:
Following the guidelines put forward by state and municipality, 1000Fryd will enter into a complete shutdown from now until and including March 29th. All activities, internal and external, will be put on hold during this period.
Stay safe and see you on the other side.
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Alf inc. presents

'round the table ping pong night

They do it in school in Klarup, they do it in the DUS in Gug, they do it at the hipster bars in Berlin and now we're going it again for the 78th time at 1000Fryd: partying hard with a cool ass round the table pingpong.

Put on the headbands, the bordeaux coloured polo and the shorts a bit too short tonight as we'll run around the table as raging loonies. Trendy music on the turntable and of course cheap Sportcola in the bar, so your blood pressure is stable.

Bring your old bat, if it's not torn to shreds, or you can borrow one of ours.!